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Complications & disagreements to a will can be challenging...

The Probate Dispute Group's team of experienced solicitors offer the expert help you need to challenge a will or the administration of an estate.

Contesting a Will

If you need help disputing or challenging a will, then our experienced team can help to resolve even the most complex of inheritance claims or disagreements. If a family member or friend has died without leaving a will and final testament, we can support and guide you through the intestacy and administration process, helping to address any disputes or disagreements.

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Probate Dispute Advice

Probate is the legal and financial process of proving and registering a person’s last will and testament to ensure their final wishes are met and that their property and assets are distributed correctly. A person's will is normally administered by a named 'executor' who requires legal authority to execute the will as part of the probate process. Our experienced team will advise you on the executor and probate process to ensure a will is lawfully applied, and provide expert help if any issues or disputes arise.

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The Probate Process

When a person dies, probate is the court-supervised process of assessing and distributing their assets and estate to the appropriate family members, creditors, or inheritors. Probate may involve the sale of property or estates and working with multiple parties to distribute these assets. Our specialists can help to guide you through the probate process and any disagreements or disputes which may arise when executing a will.

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Removing an Executor

Section 50 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985 is legislation which enables the High Court to substitute or remove an Executor from administering the estate if that person has acted in breach of their duties.

If you've been left out of a will, or you think that the instructions within a person's will have not been followed correctly, then we can help to guide you through the process of challenging an estate claim or removing an executor under Section 50.

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Free Assessment

When it comes to settling an estate or challenging a will we know it can be difficult to know where to start. We offer a free assessment to assess your situation and guide you through the process.

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Flexible Funding Options

We know that not everyone can afford the costs associated with challenging a will or disputing the administration of an estate. To help you during this process, we offer a range of funding options, including:

  • CFA - No win, no fee
  • Deferred fee agreements
  • Legal Expense Insurance
  • Pay by installments
  • Eligibility assessment required

Team of Experienced Specialists

Our team of experienced, professional probate solicitors will help to guide you through the process of challenging or administrating a will. Speak to our friendly team today or request a free assessment.

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Whatever your concerns are over the management of a loved one's estate, our advisers are on hand to provide you with support, advice and options available to you.

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